City of Heroes: Year 2 After-Action Report

Okay, “officially” November 30th is the day City of Heroes was shut down.  In reality, the servers didn’t go down until December 1st.

Happy Anniversary citizens of Paragon City!

Even now, two years on, I miss the game dreadfully.  I’ve tried, and I just haven’t found anything else out there that grabbed me (dare I say it…”arrested my attention”) the way CoH did.  The nearly effortless teaming, limited level gating on content, and generally open and approachable nature of the game have yet to be duplicated pretty much anywhere else.  Also, the community, even now, is second to none.
So, on the second anniversary of CoH’s shutdown, I’d like to take this time to remind people.  We are heroes, we are villains, and we are forever friends.