GenCon Meet and Greet 2017

Sorry about the lateness of this.  Been working like crazy lately and had some scheduling hurdles.

We’re going a bit different this year.

The Meet and Greet will be happening on FRIDAY, August 18th.
The event will start at 6:30 PM.
We will not be doing a singular venue as we have in the past.
Per request, we are going to hit the food truck area just outside the main hall on Georgia Street (See circled area below.)

Circled location in image is the area we'll be meeting in.

The event will run until we break up (whenever that is).
But, for a time, we’ll have, as our guest, Victoria Victrix (aka Mercedes Lackey) and her husband Gryph (aka Larry Dixon).
They’ve been invited back again this year as part of GenCon 50’s general theme of connecting with it’s own past.

So, to summarize, this Meet and Greet will be earlier, and looser than has generally happened in the past.  (Hell, we’ll try anything once!)

If you wish to contact me ahead of time, you can reach me via PM on the CoHTitan Boards.