Bombing Runs: A guide to bomb-oriented Rikti Mothership Raids


  • Drake Crator
  • Stone Daemon
  • Hyperstrike


  1. Set off all 18 mothership bombs.
  2. Destroy all 18 pylons.
  3. Defeat U’Kon Gr’ai and his entourage.


  1. The Rikti Warzone
  2. A minimum of 18 players of appropriate level.

General Information:

  1. Rikti Ship Raid:

Stage 1: Organization

Once the raid leader arrives, he should designate three team captains and team selection should begin. While any suitably durable character can complete a ship raid without dying, some care should be taken to equitably divide up the assets between three teams.

The first divergence comes here.

A “bombing lane” consists of 6 bombs, 3 on the right, 3 on the left.
There are three lanes on the ship.

  1. South (the first lane most players fly into on a ship raid)
  2. Northwest (Over the bowl and off to the left)
  3. Northeast (Over the bowl and off to the right)

Bombs are located in three zones on a lane and are fairly self-explanatory.

  1. Edge
  2. Middle
  3. Inner

Each team will be assigned a zone (with two bombs) on each lane. Ideally, this shouldn’t change from lane to lane, but whatever floats your mothership…

Stage 2: Destroy the pylons.

This is fairly straightforward as far as ship raiding goes. On Protector, we employ a Type 1 Raid schedule, initiated from Point Du Hoc.

Stage 3: Shields Down, Bombs Away!

The second divergence come here.

Now, as everyone knows, a team can only set off a single bomb within a 30 minute window during a ship raid. This is what normally limits how many bombs can be set off.

  • Type 1 (Deprecated): This can be gotten around by players who are designated as bombers alting out to a new toon and returning to set another bomb without being on any team. This could be, at best, described as “awkward”. Hence:
  • Type 2: No independent “bomber” players. Each team maintains integrity until the grate is down, then one of two things happens.
  1. Players, in a pre-determined order, drop from the team to trigger a bomb.
  2. The team captain, again, using a pre-determined order, kicks players from the team to have the newly loosed player trigger the bomb.

Once the bomb is set and detonated, the captain re-invites the player to the team. This neatly side-steps the team timer on bombs, as the bomber is essentially his own team for the duration.

Rinse and repeat for bombs 1-5. On bomb 6, nobody drops or is kicked from the team.

One player (preferably one who has not set off a bomb, usually the team captain) sets the final bomb and the team as a whole gets credit. On a team of 6 players, this results in 5 people getting 2 bomb credits towards the Demolitionist Badge and the final person receiving one.

The raid leader can determine the order of each lane assault or he can leave it up to the team captains.

Once all the bombs are cleared, you continue with the traditional assault of the “bowl” of the ship (or however you run your raid).

Default “Ideal” Raid Order (Clockwise)

  1. Organization
  2. Pylons
  3. South Lane
  4. U’kon Gr’ai
  5. Northwest Lane
  6. Northeast Lane
  7. Bowl Assault and Defense


Some alleged behaviors not noted during the Protector Bombing Run. It’s possible that we simply executed too fast or missed something. But things we did not see.

  1. Multiple spawns of U’Kon Gr’ai
  2. Lengthened raid time (outside of the time bonus for the initial defeat of the GM).