GenCon Meet and Greet 2017

Sorry about the lateness of this.  Been working like crazy lately and had some scheduling hurdles.

We’re going a bit different this year.

The Meet and Greet will be happening on FRIDAY, August 18th.
The event will start at 6:30 PM.
We will not be doing a singular venue as we have in the past.
Per request, we are going to hit the food truck area just outside the main hall on Georgia Street (See circled area below.)

Circled location in image is the area we'll be meeting in.

The event will run until we break up (whenever that is).
But, for a time, we’ll have, as our guest, Victoria Victrix (aka Mercedes Lackey) and her husband Gryph (aka Larry Dixon).
They’ve been invited back again this year as part of GenCon 50’s general theme of connecting with it’s own past.

So, to summarize, this Meet and Greet will be earlier, and looser than has generally happened in the past.  (Hell, we’ll try anything once!)

If you wish to contact me ahead of time, you can reach me via PM on the CoHTitan Boards.

How much of a comic book nerd am I?

About this much.

That's a lot of paper!

Hyper’s 25-ish years of comic book reading.

I’m moving at the end of the week, and, after years of having my stash (I can’t rightfully call it a “collection” as it wasn’t ever assembled in a manner befitting the “investment” the word “collection” implies) strewn in boxes and crates all over my storage and in closets (and stashed under my bed like they were Playboy), I finally boxed ’em all up.

Cover price for the stash is estimated to be somewhere between $5000 and $6000.

Realistically, I could probably realize a couple hundred bucks out of it if I were to cherry pick the most desirable issues (the most valuable “issue” (not a graphic novel or other format) weighs in at a WHOPPING $8.

Unfortunately the TIME involve in doing that would be worth more than I’d realize out of the sale.

And I really DO need to get rid of them.  So, checking with a brother’s friend to see if he wants it.  If not, I’ll be taking the boxes over to a local comic shop and dropping them off.  Maybe they can get a couple bucks out of them.  Or maybe for Free Comic Book Day or something…

I’ll miss the security of being able to dig back in whenever the hell I want.  But the time’s come to unload it.  I’ve got too much stuff as it is.  And I need to cut down on the amount of stuff I continually carry around.

Anyhoo, I’ve had the primary enjoyment of the comics and the stories contained therein.  So I can carry on with the memories of the stories.  Even if the particulars get fuzzy over time.

And hey, we all get a bit fuzzy as we get older, right?  *Scratches back hair*



City of Heroes: Year 2 After-Action Report

Okay, “officially” November 30th is the day City of Heroes was shut down.  In reality, the servers didn’t go down until December 1st.

Happy Anniversary citizens of Paragon City!

Even now, two years on, I miss the game dreadfully.  I’ve tried, and I just haven’t found anything else out there that grabbed me (dare I say it…”arrested my attention”) the way CoH did.  The nearly effortless teaming, limited level gating on content, and generally open and approachable nature of the game have yet to be duplicated pretty much anywhere else.  Also, the community, even now, is second to none.
So, on the second anniversary of CoH’s shutdown, I’d like to take this time to remind people.  We are heroes, we are villains, and we are forever friends.

Happy Birthday CoH!

Wow.  Ten years ago, today, CoH first burst forth on people’s computers (outside of beta).

Still foundering about, looking for something that’ll replace it.

That something has yet to rear its head.

I miss the game.

I miss the players.

I miss the dev and staff interaction.

I miss the events.

I miss the zone.

I miss the missions, especially all the ones with the REALLY screwball dialog (Doc Buzzsaw and Vernon Von Grun arcs, I’m lookin’ at YOU!)

I miss getting STUPIDLY rich with just a little market know-how (yeah, I know, upper .00001% problem).

I miss just being able to get in at any time I wanted and kick a “figuratively” little ass.

Hoping that City of Titans will recapture some of the magic.

But the offerings from Marvel and DC are pointless wastes of time and money.  While Champions Online has just been a poster child for how to COMPLETELY fuck up a game since the original “friends and family” and consistently doing the dumbest and worst possible things to the game they could in an attempt to magically alienate the full 100% of the game’s population.  Resulting in the stagnant bug-fest that it is now.

Sorry to be so negative.  CoH was by no means “perfect”.  It had warts here and there too.

But Paragon Studios and the players had built something that lots of games try to talk about having, but never do.  A real community with a real dialog.

So, to all my fellow citizens of Paragon City.

My friends!  Happy Anniversary!

A day in the life of a superhero

After the Unity video came out, I’d made a comment about the fact that my namesake character appears, and them immediately jumps off as if intent on crashing into the War Walls.  It grew into a joke about how I was going to use his face as a War Wall testing tool, and how I was going to follow the shadow invaders into the sewers.

Angelus Animi took the ball and not only ran with it, but did a 1000 yard dash at superspeed.

I got to see it this morning and nearly died laughing.  Sometimes the funniest jokes are on oneself.

New CoH video!

One of the nice things about CoH’s demorecord system was that it was CRAZILY scriptable.

Now, a year-plus on, it’s still showing how flexible it can be.

Angelus Animi has a new vid for us.


City of Titans meets its goal!

All right then!

Around the middle of yesterday, CoT hit the funding goal ($320K) for their Kickstart.

As of right now, they’re sitting at $361K (112-113%).

And they still have four weeks to go!

I can sum my feelings up thusly:

And, since they opened big like this, they should be relatively safe from any billing issues on Kickstarter’s end (about 5% of KS backers (on average) have payment issues (as in the pledge doesn’t clear the donor’s bank) after a kick closes. Even if that were to happen NOW and at 2x the norm, they’d STILL make their initial goal. Loyal fanbases have default percentages orders of magnitude lower. As this is the CoH community, I’m not that worried. We’re solid.

Something else I’ve grown to dislike in CO. The community.



Okay, I know the CO guys are sick and tired of hearing how the experience in Champions Online is second-rate to that of City of Heroes.
Unfortunately it’s true.  On multiple levels.

The image above is from one of the “community moderators” for the CO forums.
Basically Perfect World/Cryptic devotes as few resources as possible to their online presence.  So they don’t have paid staff doing forum moderation.
They appoint ostensibly responsible, level-headed members of the community to police the boards themselves.

And as you’ve guessed, it’s foxes guarding the hen house.

The image above is a screencap of a thread closed down by one of the community mods.  Now the thread he closed out was a long, and contentious one (in which he fully immersed himself).
And, finally, when he tired of it, he basically used his mod powers to “get the last word” in an totally tact-free, class-free manner.

And worse, this is normal tone for this guy!

Yeah, CoH had it’s share of jerks as well.  But they were never put in a position of authority over other players!

This is part of what’s contributing to a completely toxic atmosphere, both on the boards and in-game.

And, the game being four years in, and all but abandoned by the developer, it’s entrenched too deeply now to root out.


As I’ve said all along, while CO isn’t CoH, it’s a decent game and worth saving.

But not for people like this.  And if you’re looking for a pleasant atmosphere that’s conducive to socialization, STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM CHAMPIONS ONLINE!

City of Titans hits Kickstarter

Following the closure of City of Heroes:

  • Some people despaired
  • Some raged
  • Some shut down
  • Some of us even bawled like little kids who just lost a pet
  • A large number put up one of the biggest media fights the game industry ever saw

And some of us got PRODUCTIVE.

One of these groups was the crew at Missing World Media.
They began work on a spiritual successor to City of Heroes.

As of this evening, City of Titans has hit Kickstarter for an initial funding round that’ll take them to publication sometime in 2015.

The Phoenix Project - City of Titans -- Kicktraq Mini

Please note that the chart above actually trails the project itself by an hour or more.

Good luck and godspeed!