Happy Birthday CoH!

Wow.  Ten years ago, today, CoH first burst forth on people’s computers (outside of beta).

Still foundering about, looking for something that’ll replace it.

That something has yet to rear its head.

I miss the game.

I miss the players.

I miss the dev and staff interaction.

I miss the events.

I miss the zone.

I miss the missions, especially all the ones with the REALLY screwball dialog (Doc Buzzsaw and Vernon Von Grun arcs, I’m lookin’ at YOU!)

I miss getting STUPIDLY rich with just a little market know-how (yeah, I know, upper .00001% problem).

I miss just being able to get in at any time I wanted and kick a “figuratively” little ass.

Hoping that City of Titans will recapture some of the magic.

But the offerings from Marvel and DC are pointless wastes of time and money.  While Champions Online has just been a poster child for how to COMPLETELY fuck up a game since the original “friends and family” and consistently doing the dumbest and worst possible things to the game they could in an attempt to magically alienate the full 100% of the game’s population.  Resulting in the stagnant bug-fest that it is now.

Sorry to be so negative.  CoH was by no means “perfect”.  It had warts here and there too.

But Paragon Studios and the players had built something that lots of games try to talk about having, but never do.  A real community with a real dialog.

So, to all my fellow citizens of Paragon City.

My friends!  Happy Anniversary!