How much of a comic book nerd am I?

About this much.

That's a lot of paper!

Hyper’s 25-ish years of comic book reading.

I’m moving at the end of the week, and, after years of having my stash (I can’t rightfully call it a “collection” as it wasn’t ever assembled in a manner befitting the “investment” the word “collection” implies) strewn in boxes and crates all over my storage and in closets (and stashed under my bed like they were Playboy), I finally boxed ’em all up.

Cover price for the stash is estimated to be somewhere between $5000 and $6000.

Realistically, I could probably realize a couple hundred bucks out of it if I were to cherry pick the most desirable issues (the most valuable “issue” (not a graphic novel or other format) weighs in at a WHOPPING $8.

Unfortunately the TIME involve in doing that would be worth more than I’d realize out of the sale.

And I really DO need to get rid of them.  So, checking with a brother’s friend to see if he wants it.  If not, I’ll be taking the boxes over to a local comic shop and dropping them off.  Maybe they can get a couple bucks out of them.  Or maybe for Free Comic Book Day or something…

I’ll miss the security of being able to dig back in whenever the hell I want.  But the time’s come to unload it.  I’ve got too much stuff as it is.  And I need to cut down on the amount of stuff I continually carry around.

Anyhoo, I’ve had the primary enjoyment of the comics and the stories contained therein.  So I can carry on with the memories of the stories.  Even if the particulars get fuzzy over time.

And hey, we all get a bit fuzzy as we get older, right?  *Scratches back hair*